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Sunday, October 14, 2012

My version of Marjan Pendant

I was ecstatic when I bought October edition of Bead & Button. There it was: gorgeous Marjan pendant from Riana Olckers, inspired by the Marjan peninsula in Croatia. For a true Croatian this is an exceptional honor. Split is my favorite city next to Zagreb and Marjan peninsula is equally close to my heart.
This stunning pendant features stacked medallions with a triangle-shaped drop.
Of course I wanted to have one of my own and got to work right away. I followed architectural secret that Riana applied so wisely and added a personal touch to this treasure. I made larger triangle and added a button featuring a seahorse from a warm Adriatic sea. Large 20mm yellow Czech glass beads resemble Mediteranian sun arising over Marjan peninsula. Take a moment and share with me your comments. LJ

Bead & Button Oct 2012

 Click here to see  Riana's original pendant on her website.